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Items Interested In: (please give ITEM CODE)
Method of Payment:

* Prices listed DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING!, unless otherwise stated.
* All prices are listed in USD$
* I accept USD & GBP currencies (If paying by GBP, please contact me for a quote of the total with shipping, in Pounds Sterling £)
* DO NOT SEND ME PAYPAL payments - please WAIT till I bill you an invoice!

M01. Avon Fruity Lip Juice in Pink Lemonade (used 1 time. in excellent condition.) $3.00

M02. Red Earth Lip Shine in #PK040 (brand new in packaging - sealed) $5.00

M03. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Personnel Multi-Finish Lipstick 08 Tender Parma (used many times - nice vanilla scent flavor! excellent condition) $10.00

M04. Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm (brand new & sealed. excellent condition) SPECIAL OFFER: $2.99 SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!
M05. Rocket City Galactic Lip Gloss in Orbit *DISCONTINUED* (Used 3-4 times) $4.50
M06. Bonnebell Liplites in Cream Pop (brand new & never used. excellent condition) $3.15
M07. Smackers Lip Sparkler in Raspberry Orbit (brand new & never used. excellent condition) $2.99

M08. Revlon Colorstay LipShine in Electric #13 (new in box, never used) $4.50

M09. Wet 'n' Wild Lip Impressions Hi-Shine Lipgloss Wand in #98866 (used 3-4 times) $1.50

M10. Mary Kate & Ashley Cool Gloss Marbelized Lip Color in Sweet (used 1-2 times & has a few stains on the outside of the lipgloss) $1.00

M11. MAC 4 Pan Eye Shadow Pro Palette Compact - Goldmine, Bitter, Swish, Shroom (used 3-4 times only! in excellent condition - like new!) SPECIAL OFFER: $50.00 SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

M12. Red Earth Illusive Triple Eyeshadow - Neon Green / Yellow / Magenta (used 3-4 times only! in excellent condition - like new!) $10.00

M13. Red Earth Eyeshadow in #PK105 (used 3-4 times but still TONS left! a great colour, sort of bright but not too over-the-top!) $5.00

M14. Jane Eyezing in Prom Queen (used 3-4 times but still TONS left!) SPECIAL OFFER: $3.00 SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

M15. NYC Eye Cube in Blue Follies (used many times. in excellent condition.) $0.99

M16. Bonnebell Eye Shades Cream to Powder Shadow in Satin (used 1-2 times) $1.75

M17. Maybelline Expert Eyes Eyeshadow 8 Shades in Hushed Tints (new & never used, though the outside palette has a few stains) $4.00

M18. The Face Shop Luminating Loose Pearl Powder in Peach Pearl (tried 1-2 times only - like new! in excellent condition) $9.50

M19. Estee Lauder Equalizer Smart Powder Makeup (sort of like a mini foundation. pictured on the left is the powder, right is the sponge puff. used 4-5 times and in excellent condition) $2.99

M20. Bonnebell Eye Definer in Ocean (a glittery teal color. used 7-8 times - in excellent condition) $2.25

M21. Maybelline Great Wear Budge-Proof Eyeliner in Onyx (used many many times but in excellent condition!) $1.50

M22. Barry M Limited Edition Eye Pencil (brand new & never used) $1.99

M23. Bonnebell Sunblush Bronze in Golden Fresh (new & never used) $2.00
M24. Bonnebell Gel Bronze in Golden Tan (used 1-2 times) $2.00
M25. Mary Kate & Ashley Frosty Eyes Pearlized Creamy Eye Shadow (used 1-2 times) $1.00 SOLD!

M26. Bonnebell Smackers Cosmic Cheeks Glitter in Gumball Galaxy (used many times. about 75% left) $1.00

M27. Bonnebell Powder Bronze in Golden Tan (new & never used) $4.75

M28. Avon Sun Self Tanning Lotion in Light/Medium (used about 10 times, about 50% left) $1.20

M29. Banana Boat Dark Tanning Lotion SPF 4 with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E (new & never used) $4.00

M30. Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Makeup in Light Matte (used 4-5 times) $4.00

M31. Stila Sun Gel (used 3-4 times. retail price for $24.00) $7.00

M32. Boots Soltan Self Tan Corrector Wipe (helps to remove tan from self-tanners) $2.50 FOR 2 OR $1.75 EACH

M33. The Sanctuary Covent Garden Samplers - 1 in Mande Susu (A Creamy Bath Soak) & 2 in Mande Lular (A Light Body Souffle) - ALL 3 for $1.35

M34. Wella Wash In Wash Out Shaders & Toners (2 in Mahogany & 1 in Rich Mahogany) - $4.00 FOR 5 OR $1.70 EACH

M35. Veet Debut (For Your First Time) Sensitive Skin Ready To Use Hair Removal Wax Strips (used once! only 15 wax strips + 3 perfect finish wipes LEFT!) $9.50

M36. Palmolive Aromatherapy Soap in Energy (brand new in packaging & never used!) $1.25

M37. Neutrogena Body Emulsion (longer lasting treatment for problem dry skin. brand new & never used. 29ml / 1 fl oz) *THERE ARE 2 AVAILABLE* $1.45

M38. Trevor Sorbie Professional Curl Cream (used 2-3 times, 85% left) $4.00

M39. TheFaceShop Makeup Bag in Black Satin (new & never used) $4.25

M40. Paris Hilton's 'Paris Hilton' Perfume 50ml. (used few times, 95% left! excellent condition - like new!!) *SPECIAL OFFER* - $25 SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

M41. TheFaceShop Nail Polish in #55 Light Pink Pearl (used once or twice) $1.00 SOLD!
M42. TheFaceShop Nail Polish in #63 Rollicking Ruby (used once or twice) $0.75
M43. TheFaceShop Nail Polish in #59 Crystal Peach (used once or twice) $0.75
M44. TheFaceShop Nail Polish in #64 (used once or twice) $0.75
M45. TheFaceShop Nail Polish in #22 Pearl Violet (used once or twice) $0.75
M46. TheFaceShop Nail Polish in #43 Pure Gold (used once or twice) $0.75 SOLD!

M47. TheFaceShop Nail Polish in #45 Red Sparkle (used about 5 times) $1.00 SOLD!
M48. TheFaceShop Nail Polish in #25 Rainbow Blue Pearl (new & never used) $0.75
M49. TheFaceShop Nail Polish in #38 Soft Silver (new & never used) $0.75

M50. Skin Food Pedicure Vita Nail Polish in Bright Blue (used once or twice) $1.25

M51. Revlon *LIMITED EDITION* Nail Polish in Wild About Violet (used twice) $1.00 SOLD!
M52. Sheer Revlon Nail Polish in #007 Sheer Blossom (used about 5-6 times) $1.00
M53. Sheer Revlon Nail Polish in #017 Sheer Heaven (used about 5-6 times) $1.00

M54. Canmake Japan Nail Polish in #60 Deep Dark Red (used once or twice) $1.50
M55. Canmake Japan Nail Polish in #54 Hawaiian Blue (used 8-9 times) $1.50
M56. Canmake Japan Nail Polish in #05 Silver Glitter (used 8-9 times) $1.50
M57. Canmake Japan Nail Polish in #11 Cranberry Sparkle (used 8-9 times) $1.50
M58. Canmake Japan Nail Polish in #52 Pink Soda (used 5-6 times) $1.50

M59. Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds in #107 Diamond Glitter (75% left) $1.00 SOLD!
M60. Rimmel 60 Seconds Stars Nail Polish in #628 Twinkle (80% left) $1.25
M61. OPI Nail Lacquer in Gargantuan Green Grape (tested once on finger only! brand new and in excellent condition!) $4.00 SOLD!

M62. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Nail Polish in Platinum Frost (new & never used) $0.75
M63. Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Activator (used 4-5 times. A LOT LEFT!) $2.00
M64. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Diamond Nail Polish in Plum Diamond (80% left) $0.75
M65. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener (65% left) $2.00

M66. Red Earth Nail Enamel in MS021 Melancholic (used 3-4 times) $1.50
M67. Red Earth Nail Care Treatment Oil (new & never used) $1.50

M68. Eleanor Nail Polish in #012 (used twice) $0.25
M69. Suki Nail Polish in #502 (used 2-3 times) $0.25
M70. Docile Nail Polish in #048 (80% left) $0.50
M71. Dodo Club Nail Polish in #48 (75% left) $0.50
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